Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Chai-waala

for those who manage to knock of their slumber early in the day
and take to stalking the roads for early prey
will find that people from various walks of life
the polciya, the auto waala, the florist
bond together at the chai-waala
well they may not really bond that much
but still i think the chai-waala
adds more value to their lives
than u, me or the prime minister of india
no definitely not the prime minister of india
u and i atleast add to his day of sales
so cheers for the chai-waala


  1. cheers to him, and to you for writing about him.
    good one

  2. the fucker under my building doesnt make tea by the time i leave :(

  3. sorry for the late replies...i was busy doing...err nothing :P sure some mumbaikar will also add the friendly neighbourhood vada pav chap to the list :P has such setbacks...i feel for u

  4. reminds me a little of Slumdog Millionaire.
    Nicely captured!


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