Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The last of the...

I believe the time has come...

Hope to see you guys in a new avtaar someday soon

and thanks for all the fish :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

We are Muscat-ing baby

dear blog ppl...havent posted in a bit...coz we're here in Oman on a project and the net hasn't been set up yet at the guest house...

will keep ya updated

Sunday, May 17, 2009

In the search for

True sophistication...

for highly evolved people like moi (this attribute having being bestowed by Still Thinking)....

it gets difficult finding a person to sync up with.....that close intimate syncing up with...because for us then the true test of sophistication isn't met by 'oh u've read this book'...or 'this wine comes from there' or 'what's the latest in perfumes'...'oh i watched an kurosawa movie'....

while these do represent sophistication in terms of knowledge...they don't represent the sophistication in terms of understanding and wisdom

that kind of sophistication manifests itself as simplicity of thoughts and feelings...

that is what we are searching for relate to

caveat: this is a brief statement to a very big line of thought hence in being brief understates and overlooks many subtle discussions that accompany this statement

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

an uneasy vaccum

a light shimmered
and a hope rose
that when i showed you my heart
you would rise up and claim it to be yours

you took an interest
but didn't lock it in
left it out alone
as it always had been

friends point out a promising future
caught firmly in the heaven's grip
its an uneasy vaccum
and i'm living it...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The 'I'

I am...the good guy

I am also...the naughty guy

I have just one not do something that will hurt others

I can...cook, play racquet games, write and try my hand at a whole lot of stuff

I am...intelligent...but my intelligence is not the pride of the extent of my knowledge but rather an indication of the extent of my curiosity

I do not...believe in hiding to gain an advantage...i believe growth comes from collaborative development which works to everybody's benefit

I do not...believe in capitalism...i don't agree with socialism either...

I am.....a pervert

I am.....extremely spiritual

I have....a sense of humor which is extremely smart assy and sarcastic...i will not hesitate to make fun of you, your pop, your religion or anything about u...I will not feel shy of making fun of anything related to me either

I have no vileness in me...I will not try and hurt you (maybe cockroaches but that too only if they make an appearance when I'm in the shower)

I get.....weak in the knees seeing a pretty pair of feet in pretty shoes (only belonging to the opposite gender)...ofcourse if a smart brain and friendly nature accompanies it...Its like a dream come true

I have.....complimented girls on their assets and left them smiling and feeling good about it...ofcourse its never easy to get through with this kind of thing and thats why I try it so rarely

I feel..... comfortable having cutting chai and vada pav on a mumbai roadside I am at home ordering for sizzling brownie flambed in Cointreau at some of the finest restaurants

If I want to pee....I just walk into the closest five star around. If you gotta do it for free, go to the best I say

I have also..... stopped and pee'd by the roadside

I am....not one who If you catch with his towel down will get embarassed. I'll probably say Hi and ask you to have a seat while I go get dressed (ofcourse wrapping my towel around in a jiffy, I'm no voyeur either)

I can....easily get nervous...and I know that

I can...and will talk you down if you dare cross me...and I don't even need to raise my voice for that

I am not....comfortable receiving compliments...till date I get awkward If i recieve any

I can...barely dance....I believe every one has their own inner beat to which they must move...but I'll guide you well...gently but firmly...and I'll sync up with you...if you will, with me

I, chick flicks, I even tried my hand at knitting....but I dream of setting up my own workshop....making things of steel and wood, turning them over the lathe, robots, machines, engines...those are the things that really get me

I am....not sure If i am a slut or not...but I have never lied to get into anybody's pants...I have however used quite a bit of charm

I can be.... crude but never rude, have panache but never the stiff upper lip

I am.... emotional, I like hugs, in real time

I am....a momma's boy

I am also..... a self made man

I may speak..... to my friends as 'tu' but never the hotel guard...he will always be 'aap'

I believe....'balance' is a virtue most people are unaware off

I have....been taught by life the hard way to be...'patient'

I like...working, adding value to the world...however most of what we do...I don't see that as value add

I impressed by what you achieved, how smart you are, how hard working, or how big a victim of life....only by how many smiles you added to this world

I like speaking or women...pretty and not so pretty....anybody interesting...I have made conversation with people in buses, trains, flights, in the lift, at the bar, outside a restroom, inside the restroom, waiting in a queue

I am....strongly opinionated....I take a dislike to people who I get wrong vibes off

I don't people find it so easy to get angry, raise their voice or pick up a fight...which religion did they study???

I open book...yet within the simple plain cover, hidden in the depths are meanings...most people can never reach...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

stick it to the man - part 1 - getting a move on

for those wondering what this story is gonna be about...a minor correction to their line of thought...this is a political commentary...but u can read it like a story...after all...we are a democrazy aren't we :P

So todays diatribe on the handling of the recession by the government and how we should get a move on and get out of this situation.

But first a few basic lessons in economics for the un-initiated. If I print a Rs 100 note and u do some work for me for that amount, that money passes on to u...u spend that money buying apples, ordering some garden work etc etc and that same money passes on to those people who in turn spend that money forward. This is called the multiplier effect.

What happens in a recession is that someone stopped spending (for whatever reason) and the multiplier effect works the opposite way reducing everybody's spending power and the cycle goes on.

Hence in such times when people are shy of spending, it falls to the government to spend and put money into the market. It needs to spend. The last boom was in a great deal spurned by the govt spending massively on the golden quadrilateral project.

Now look why our governments hands are tied. It spent 60k crore on waving of farm loans, it spent another huge chunk of money on NREGS and it'll be spending more money on tax sops further on. I won't just as of now comment on the merits/de-merits of these spendings
just that other than the NREGS none of them have even a remote chance at helping anybody get out of recession.

So what would I have done if I were in the hot seat.

(stolen all the money and gone to the carribeans :P )

I would have spent my money on two key things

1. Greening the industries
2. Development of sports as an industry

When we were growing at 9% nobody had time to think about how to do things in a better, cleaner way. Now would be the time to say...hey we are destroying the earth the way we are going...lets see how we can reduce the damage, lets spend on green energy. Millions of dollars would need to be spent on this over many years. Technology would need to be brought in from abroad, developed indigenously etc etc. We would achieve the dual purpose of getting money back into circulation and improving earth's sustainability

Now the second avenue for spending money. You know the tally of medals (gold or otherwise) we got in the olympics? Ok thats a rhetoric question, dont answer it please, it hurts. Other than the fact that we have absolutely hideous sports facilities for the size of the nation we are (what would you expect given that we have worse educational facilities), but what's even worse is that a 'career in sports' is not something you'd hear a parent talk about usually. There are no sports scholarships, no high school or college level leagues, dirth of playable stadiums. And that is why there is so much opportunity in sports as an industry we haven't even begun to tap into it yet.

So as MGM says when one episode ends...That's all Folks :)

p.s. don't go by the date on the pic...that's only cause i didnt set the camera settings before shooting

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

God Oh God

Little personal blabbering...was sitting down in the pooja in the morning after my shower. Usually get about 5 minutes in the morning before i have to rush again to get ready for office.

and i realized how cherishable those 5 minutes are, I really don't know if I pray to a God or just talk to myself or just be silent but in those five minutes I find a lot of peace. So many questions get answered, so many wants disappear, u let the world escape from your grasp and let it go...and end up being just you...silent, peace

and then u get up and rush for office :P