Saturday, May 2, 2009

Much Ado over relationships - 2

Ok so the last part we talked abt how the evolving work life has affected relationships.

In this part we shall talk about the relationships themselves and the caveat still remains the same...i'm no expert here...just throwing darts blindly like everybody else

Communication...for those who seen Omkara or'll know how communication or rather 'mis-communication' can mess up relationships.

We all have our unstated fears and desires...and typically when we make an assumption like the other person will understand we overlook the fact that we may not have factored in some fear or desire of the other person.

The problem with these fears and desires is that mostly even we haven't told ourselves about them...foregt about being able to tell someone else about them

the only tool that i see to work around this is, to listen to the other person try and put yourself in their shoes, heart n mind, if you care for them, some of their unstated fears and desires will become more apparent. They may not gell with you though in which case i'm not sure where the relationship goes...

but imagine how silly it would be...if you cared for someone...but never really understood them or they you and that puts a rift between two caring hearts

how tragically silly

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  1. Silly indeed! :)
    Hell, with my background I advocate the importance of communication every single minute of the day, but do you think that gets applied in personal life? Tough luck for moi!


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