Sunday, May 10, 2009

The 'I'

I am...the good guy

I am also...the naughty guy

I have just one not do something that will hurt others

I can...cook, play racquet games, write and try my hand at a whole lot of stuff

I am...intelligent...but my intelligence is not the pride of the extent of my knowledge but rather an indication of the extent of my curiosity

I do not...believe in hiding to gain an advantage...i believe growth comes from collaborative development which works to everybody's benefit

I do not...believe in capitalism...i don't agree with socialism either...

I am.....a pervert

I am.....extremely spiritual

I have....a sense of humor which is extremely smart assy and sarcastic...i will not hesitate to make fun of you, your pop, your religion or anything about u...I will not feel shy of making fun of anything related to me either

I have no vileness in me...I will not try and hurt you (maybe cockroaches but that too only if they make an appearance when I'm in the shower)

I get.....weak in the knees seeing a pretty pair of feet in pretty shoes (only belonging to the opposite gender)...ofcourse if a smart brain and friendly nature accompanies it...Its like a dream come true

I have.....complimented girls on their assets and left them smiling and feeling good about it...ofcourse its never easy to get through with this kind of thing and thats why I try it so rarely

I feel..... comfortable having cutting chai and vada pav on a mumbai roadside I am at home ordering for sizzling brownie flambed in Cointreau at some of the finest restaurants

If I want to pee....I just walk into the closest five star around. If you gotta do it for free, go to the best I say

I have also..... stopped and pee'd by the roadside

I am....not one who If you catch with his towel down will get embarassed. I'll probably say Hi and ask you to have a seat while I go get dressed (ofcourse wrapping my towel around in a jiffy, I'm no voyeur either)

I can....easily get nervous...and I know that

I can...and will talk you down if you dare cross me...and I don't even need to raise my voice for that

I am not....comfortable receiving compliments...till date I get awkward If i recieve any

I can...barely dance....I believe every one has their own inner beat to which they must move...but I'll guide you well...gently but firmly...and I'll sync up with you...if you will, with me

I, chick flicks, I even tried my hand at knitting....but I dream of setting up my own workshop....making things of steel and wood, turning them over the lathe, robots, machines, engines...those are the things that really get me

I am....not sure If i am a slut or not...but I have never lied to get into anybody's pants...I have however used quite a bit of charm

I can be.... crude but never rude, have panache but never the stiff upper lip

I am.... emotional, I like hugs, in real time

I am....a momma's boy

I am also..... a self made man

I may speak..... to my friends as 'tu' but never the hotel guard...he will always be 'aap'

I believe....'balance' is a virtue most people are unaware off

I have....been taught by life the hard way to be...'patient'

I like...working, adding value to the world...however most of what we do...I don't see that as value add

I impressed by what you achieved, how smart you are, how hard working, or how big a victim of life....only by how many smiles you added to this world

I like speaking or women...pretty and not so pretty....anybody interesting...I have made conversation with people in buses, trains, flights, in the lift, at the bar, outside a restroom, inside the restroom, waiting in a queue

I am....strongly opinionated....I take a dislike to people who I get wrong vibes off

I don't people find it so easy to get angry, raise their voice or pick up a fight...which religion did they study???

I open book...yet within the simple plain cover, hidden in the depths are meanings...most people can never reach...


  1. the I in most cases is brilliant like I dont understand how people find it so easy to get offended!


    bravo misior!

  2. yeah u are all of tht :P

  3. Very well written! And ....very helpful ;)

  4. I love your love for sexy shoes :D

  5. @AD..i really dont

    @Shoe girl..gracias

    @Ivy...will call u on the witness stand :P

    @dotcom girl....he he...v always try and help ppl ;)

    @ki...pretty things to love, they are :)

    @Siras... :)

  6. I doubt I could characterize myself like you have.I think my loved ones know me better than I know myself.

  7. 'I impressed by what you achieved, how smart you are, how hard working, or how big a victim of life....only by how many smiles you added to this world' - Bravo! You do make me smile, n you know that :)

    P.S: Now I know why you didn't answer about the 'hand' pic! :)

  8. this list is just so perfect and real, *applause* for being that honest..
    very interesting, u are :)

  9. all those things just makes you seem more appealing don't you think..regarded that you were referring to yourself as 'I'...

  10. You are very honest that is the best part about you. Since you and I started commenting and chatting and tweeting you have always been upfront to me on my moods and all!

    I like that you are a confident person more than that, I love that you are a man after a woman's heart (shoes) Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!

    You Rock!!


  11. @Hfm...oh am sure there are a lot of things abt me that I dont know, only they could tell...these are a few..that i do kno :P

    @ST... :) that made me smile...btw the wrist looks thicker than it is...not a trick i intended but one that happened due to the u kno :P

    @Mrinalini...I've been accused of that before (ab dekho, apne mooh meeya mithoo :P)

    @Farah...i dont mind being appealing :P

    @Ne...funny though i dont sound confident when i talk to myself :P
    the latter part yes yes :P

  12. "Great post!" doesn't even begin to describe it.

    I'll keep lurking, you are never boring to read!

  13. Good writing, self obessesed though, but never gets boring.
    I updated too.

  14. :) All that i like...this i really like:

    ~my intelligence is not the pride of the extent of my knowledge but rather an indication of the extent of my curiosity

    ~a sense of humor which is extremely smart assy and sarcastic

    ok wait..this is hard stuff! Cant cntrl C + cntrl V ur entire post in here can i ? :P

    I like how u maintained the flow. not easy to acheive.

    One Question though, do u cook? :D

  15. @mon espace...the answer is does that get me nething? :P

  16. @T-Rex..thanku and i'll be coming as soon as the net gets set up at the guest house

    @Geiger girl...lurk more :)

  17. Maybe..we'll have to wait and see wont we? :P

  18. @Mon espace...u evidently believe that u r going to live a thousand afford the wait and see approach eh :P

  19. wooo.!!let me plz make u feel awkward..!!
    the 'I' song..!!! was too good.!!
    record it soon..will surely be a chartbuster.!!

    the listing of I's making me think of the corners one can shine n sharp to make life beautiful..!!
    lot to learn out of it..!!

    esp #'be impressed by what you achieved, how smart you are, how hard working, or how big a victim of life....only by how many smiles you added to this world'..
    u seem to be a kind God's child..!!
    God Bless u..!! Keep Smilling..!! :) :)


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