Tuesday, May 5, 2009

God Oh God

Little personal blabbering...was sitting down in the pooja in the morning after my shower. Usually get about 5 minutes in the morning before i have to rush again to get ready for office.

and i realized how cherishable those 5 minutes are, I really don't know if I pray to a God or just talk to myself or just be silent but in those five minutes I find a lot of peace. So many questions get answered, so many wants disappear, u let the world escape from your grasp and let it go...and end up being just you...silent, empty...at peace

and then u get up and rush for office :P


  1. In all the rush we're always in, we do forget ourselves and lose our peace. It's only that moment in prayer when we can reconnect. :)

  2. Somehow didn't associate you with prayer and meditation... ;)

  3. @Siras... :) thats why i'm in no rush :P

    @Ki... :)

    @DotComGirl...he he...just wanted to burst your 'bubble' :P

    @LSL...sit with me one day in the pooja

  4. You said it all Sane. I need to go spend some time in Church. I really should..

  5. @Still Thinking...

    When I was in Pune, I used to go with my girl to pray at the shrine of St. Anthony on tuesdays

    I like places where one can pray in peace with no rituals to interfere in between

  6. Time alone or spent talking out problems or happy times to G-d for me is priceless!

    Keep on spending that me time. you deserve it.


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