Sunday, May 17, 2009

In the search for

True sophistication...

for highly evolved people like moi (this attribute having being bestowed by Still Thinking)....

it gets difficult finding a person to sync up with.....that close intimate syncing up with...because for us then the true test of sophistication isn't met by 'oh u've read this book'...or 'this wine comes from there' or 'what's the latest in perfumes'...'oh i watched an kurosawa movie'....

while these do represent sophistication in terms of knowledge...they don't represent the sophistication in terms of understanding and wisdom

that kind of sophistication manifests itself as simplicity of thoughts and feelings...

that is what we are searching for relate to

caveat: this is a brief statement to a very big line of thought hence in being brief understates and overlooks many subtle discussions that accompany this statement


  1. Well, I was expecting another rant on the poltical system. stumped, I must say.

  2. ' relate to' (Hmmmmm...highly evolved ppl huh? And moi dit toi? ;))

    Howz it in the desert region? We need to talk before the call :D

  3. @T-Rex...its coming :)

    @ST...its going good...hectic work days though...we begin at 7:30 in the morning and we are going on till 8 in the eve...i'm not getting time to jog and's fattening here !!!

  4. hmmm... Sophistication, is it? ;)
    Ummm... I did it yesterday, but the gadget seems not to have registered my following u :(
    Nevertheless, I did it today and well, I should mention You indeed seem to have a great sense of humor :)
    Will definitely I`ll perform the test someday ;)

  5. Saying a lot with bits of words here and there ... sophistication in relation to simplicity ... Hmmm ... that would be a no brainer ...


  6. simplicity is no longer a virtue and sophistication a garb.........none hav it ne more u thnk i cud add u up?

  7. @diya...humor is my choicest weapon :)

    @Adisha....yes thats what i keep bumping against no brainers...knowledgeable ppl...savy...fashionistas...but where's the wisdom thinks u cud :P (dont make it sound so formal :P :P )

    i'm not sure u got wat i meant by simplicity...its not the way u live life...its the way u look at things...most top CEOs...the better ones i've met...are so clear in their line of thought...and i've met quite a few by now

  8. what if they represent the sophistication in terms of *understanding and wisdom* but lack the ones in terms of *knowledge*, would you still be able to relate to them? me thinks thinks we are searching for a mishmash of both.

    excatly y me's gonna end up alone :P

  9. @Mon espace: yes there are a lot of those too...and ofcourse a whole lot of other factors that would come never knows what one's gonna end up finding...but the %age of the evolved is certainly less than the others...a steep pyramid...i so hate evolution :P

  10. ya precisely the way we look at thngs hav changed and unfortunately for the worse...if u kno wat i mn......the entire concept of simplicity has changed....

  11. @Ananya...the concept is still the same...its prevalence has come down...

    let me give an eg. whenever i get a chance i accompany my mom to the weekly veg shopping trip...surprisingly through the years...hardly seen any guys or gals of my age/senior/junior accompanying their mothers...

    someday they'll be on their own/ married/with kids and then they'll ask 'bhaiyaa is sabji ka naam kya hai...isko kaise pakaate hain' and the vendor will make a joke with his fellow men abt the city slickers...

    is being a city person...the sophistication abt not knowing simple stuff like the name of the daal u eat???

  12. oh i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    what you mean. so, so know

    but i am lucky. i have atleast two people in my life whom i relate to - totally. who relate to me. it doesn't matter if i know my wine or my jazz or my book - or if they do, for that matter. we are just synced up together...

  13. exceptions are always thr.......i was talkin frm a general perspective and i totally adhere to wat u say which is precisely wat i was saying the scenario has changed simplicity is nw equated to being ordinary and none wants that....

  14. Ohh, once you find that person you're in totaly sync with - life will be so much more richer and amazing.

  15. That's exactly so difficult get...simplicity with sophistication...this is what I need to tell people who keep telling me why haven't I found my significant half...this is exactly what I mean...good post...

  16. @Rain girl :) lucky u :)

    @Ananya...again i wud say i think u and i are on different threads when we talk of simplicity...the ppl i talk the most complex things...and the only reason they manage coz their thinking is simple

    @hfm...once...key word :P

    @Sophia...well for me...there've been quite a few feedbacks as to why i dont make a good choice for a partner :P

  17. kind words of wisdom i d say...with that hint of infallible truth in them....does it come from experience???

  18. i'm sure even the simple ppl want 2 b sophisticated ......its 2 do with all the media ...all the stuff on tv, the net, magazines.....ppl strive for glitz n glamour leavin all the imp. stuff behind... i have 2 agree with ananya..."simplicity is equated to being ordinary"...

  19. P.S. im talkin bout most ppl...not evry1 ..:D

  20. Yepp 'once' kinda equates to 'when' rather than the ominous 'if'


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