Tuesday, May 12, 2009

an uneasy vaccum

a light shimmered
and a hope rose
that when i showed you my heart
you would rise up and claim it to be yours

you took an interest
but didn't lock it in
left it out alone
as it always had been

friends point out a promising future
caught firmly in the heaven's grip
its an uneasy vaccum
and i'm living it...


  1. awwwwwwwwwwww!! I love this, yet it is sad..So many promises to do with the heart sigh!!

    Sane i think you really nailed this post..been there done this and well....i digress!

    love it,

  2. Empty promises is the phrase that comes to mind...

  3. :) you sure sound down and it aint like you. i have not been doing mad things but this is the madest of all i will be doing now, the empty promises hit me hard!

  4. @Ne...been going thru that too long now :P

    @Ki...or dashed hopes

    @AD...the nights...is when it hits the hardest...but what mad thing will u b doing now?

  5. "its an uneasy vaccum
    and i'm living it... "

    I love this sentence. =)

  6. Didnt realise you are so sensitive... what has happened? I thought you are a very happy person.

  7. @siras...yeah ouch

    @Farah...i hate it...i wish i didnt have to say it

    @dotcomgirl...i try to see the humorous side of life...but sometimes when the night has come (and the girl has not)...u do feel lonely and when the girl refuses to come...it not only feels lonely it also hurts...and it takes a long long time to get over such hurt

  8. Aww ... emotions wrapped up into words... feelings of vacuum ... been there, done that !

    Do check out www.poemslexicon.blogspot.com


  9. first of all, your header scared me. i am the kid who is afraid of clowns.

    and.. simple and sweet poem. not too elaborate or decorated. me likes :)

  10. heart ache is inevitable..........
    nice words......

  11. Wow! That was superb expression and quite poetic too...!
    I read it thrice and I could decipher exactly what you meant to say, itz indeed a very uneasy dream that we live when someone "likes" but dosent "love"... isn't it? :)
    Nevertheless, Hoping that everything`ll be OK! :)
    And well, I noticed you cz... You are just an OPP of mine :) Sanely Insane while I am the opposite :) What a great match, lol :)
    Nevertheless, keep 'em burning. Cheers :)

  12. And I am following you, hope you have no problems :)

  13. @krystal...thank u :)

    @Craziest...melancholy is sad...beautiful but sad :P

    @Adisha...been there...had never hoped would have to do that again :P

    @Rain girl...i didnt kno ppl got scared of clowns :P

    @Ananya...since i wasnt able to avoid them either...i can go against ure statement :P

    @Diya...i'll try...not keep them 'burning' :P
    ...and where are u following me? cant seem to c u... :P

  14. Vaccum can never be easy. Go out and breath some fresh air! ;)

  15. @Still thinking...yes i agree...i do...but kno wat...finding 'single' fresh air these days...is getting tougher by the second...ppl seem to be committed the moment they feel they are approaching puberty :P

    @mon espace...i did evaluate the self destructive route of devdas...but it serves no good...i'm mostly the cheerful,witty, smart assy chap...jst get into these sad romantic devdas moments :P

  16. sad sad sad.....
    your words tell it all...


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