Friday, March 6, 2009

Women's Day

Ok first...please don't get unnecessarily ruffled by the presence of Invader Zim...he can be overwhelming...but he's the life of the blog...and even if he means sure u won't mind getting a little bit infected by craziness...

now where was i...well nowhere actually...except that the other day these client people celebrated Women's nice of them...except that they didn't offer the customary samsosas that one gets accustomed to with such events...classy samosas...

neways they did get good speakers...there was a lady Joy Deshmukh who works in the field of microfinance for women and is an economics researcher...she spoke on the 'care' economy and the 'market economy' and one of the few people who i believe have sane ideas on women's liberalization...her idea of gender sensitivity went beyond empowering the woman but to how both men and women need to break away from ingrained socializations and develop a new world order...

then later in the day and to my dismay no samosas (not even classy pizzas) again...damn them....they had Barkha dutt have come and give a talk...mostly about her own experiences...

btw the buggers were very enthusiastic about asking questions....didnt have many back benchers...good show i must say...btw this client really puts its money where its words lie...they have been on an aggressive diverification drive...and have been hiring women like crazy since the last two sure the men in the organization appreciate it...

so now to why i blogged abt the damn to lament the lack of food items...two because its a reality that our society hasn't woken up to in full extent...that the changing role of women in the society has to be treated on a broader perspective and unless we do that...the rate of divorces or latch key kids won't go down...its not just about women in the work place...its also about men in the home...and a whole lot more rebalancing of how things work

actually things dont i think of it...damn but thats another post....

that reminds me...its almost two...lunch time.... :)


  1. i love womens day, it always works out that they are nicer to us men than the other way around... a nice change;)

  2. Invader Zim is sweet!!! (though I much prefer Gir, so much more crazy)

    Women's day? Never heard of it, but it sounds nice. There is a woeful lack of equality between men and women. Sure, men say they want women to be equal, but then there's all these lawsuits about inequality, and I'm pretty certain that women will never truly be equal for the simple fact that they're women and men are supremacist pigs. Current company excluded, of course ^_^

    ryn: oh, I do get violent when I'm angry lol. Things become broken mysteriously >.>

  3. @mike...hmm yeah...and they dressed up like anything that day man

    @shadow lor...naah things evolve...i think its time we let the women fight out in corporate houses...and we enjoy some peace...tweak our motorbikes and drink some beer..go some fishing


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