Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the saga of a scarf

When the girl you like, likes a scarf, what do you do?

Well you try and get it for her (unless you are one of those who don't treat their girls nice in which case try jump off the next cliff please). With these very thoughts and only three days in my hand i tried to wear the red underwear on top of my gay stretchpants and fly like superman across the markets of South Delhi.

Realized on Saturday that she likes the scarf, was caught in bounds on Sunday and Monday was office. Yet still with a brave heart i ventured forth into South Ex at the princely time of 8:30 p.m. despite knowing that South Ex is closed on Mondays hoping that some shop must be open.

Wills Lifestyle lived up to those expectations but alas only those ones cause they didn't have a scarf...not to mention definitely not anything resembling 'the scarf'

But i still had one more day to me...Tuesday left office early...5:30 p.m. (i usually leave by 7:30)...hit South Ex by 6:20...found parking (miracles happen). Started with expected no scarves, what i didn't expect was the Sales Manager (not the sales girl mind you) had any idea where i could get about knowledge. Proceeded down the road to the main market, Levis...Indian, Indian, Shoes, Indian and the whole round was done and none of the shop windows gave a glimmer of hope. So then i took the subway and emerged onto the other side (did I mention the laptop bag on my back). This time i boldly went into almost each shop and asked...cause this side had more western wear stuff than Indian (Globus, Pall Mall) and other boutiques which i can't remember the name of. I was shone silly material scarves, stoles, cotton scarves, woolen scarves...Bizarre actually had stuff in green, with thick wrinkles which almost looked like pleats ( there is a relevance to the pleats...will come to it...patience...i've only been walking 30 minutes now). I was back on this side of the road so I went back to the shops that I had just walked by in the first round, the Indian ones, and asked for guidance and they guided me to BGs...I did buy something from there...cause it had a nice print but thats not what I was looking for and I don't believe in consolation prizes...but still nice it was to finally buy something. Any how then came the Giovanis and their neighbours proudly claiming western wear...aarghh...

By this time I had been given decent route descriptions to reach GK - M block market. and so I did...8:15 p.m. too early for the shops to be closed isn't it...when the sinking truth hit me..though i still confirmed it from a sardarji whose shop was open....Tuesday's closed!!! (ok I must have done sins in past life and this outcome clearly indicates this)...Three stood Miss Jo...the shop I was told was most certain to have party wear including scarves. But I never got to find out.

Today was the day I had hoped to give her the scarf and tell her that i'll get her the real one as soon as it comes in stock (oh ya will come to that too)...but since that would be flying in and I wanted to giver her something she could hold onto this one in the meanwhile...but alas timings and work schedules...and here I am telling you a saga when all of me wants to be at the airport seeing her off...if only she had said come just wave me goodbye...

Ok now to the scarf...Its a pretty little thing...the personality signature of the protagonist of Confessions of a shopaholic. Its 80 inches long, semi-synthetic, pleated, bottle green (i'm color blind so please excuse if i get the shade wrong) with roughed edges. To most men what I said may not sound anything fancy...but its absolutely chic (i hope you get it by seeing the pic) it signifies a lot more than just a fashion statement and if you can understand that then you have just begun to understand women (but don't claim it...otherwise they'll prove you long)

Oh Btw...since its an absolute rage the designer(Patricia Greenfield) who took it from the original Dolce and Gabbana design also put it on her website for sale for $50 ( however its out of!!!

so here I am with a two hour saga to narrate, a scarf in my bag that is missing an owner, a scarf that I still want to buy for a girl...

and destiny that still holds out the distance between her and me...

btw if you're still wondering why...why all this effort...then you probably don't understand what it means to be able to bring a smile on her face


  1. So sweet, man!

    I wonder how many men actually do such things these days.
    Have you seen the movie Le Divorce...there is a very beautiful chunk about french women and their obsession with scarves. it is really interesting.
    more than the way you've written this post it is the sentiment that you've expressed which makes it very beautiful.


  2. Dude, I love the fact that you made an absolute ass of yourself.. way to go!!!!

  3. -- This is downright adorable.

    "scarf in my bag that is missing an owner"

    and you're so full of life and sweetness.
    I was sitting front of my PC screen for more than two hours with a stolid face, and now I'm feeling kind of elevated... Glad I chose to go through this.

  4. sweet of you to do all of this :)
    hope she appreciates it too:)

  5. all tht effort ! man, you must really like her :)

  6. Aww so cute!! :D
    And a very interesting narrative too.

  7. @Preeti...hmm she's not obsessed with scarves...the wanting the scarf was more a metaphor for what it stood for and i wanted to symbolize that very metaphor by giving it to her

    @Zlaek... :P 'romantic notions' like death, etc while they look good in words...symbolize pain in real life...the unowned scarf represents the gap between her and me and the void that fills our lives

    @Indyeah...hope against hope hopen

    @Raghav...i guess so :P

    @Siras...thanks, hope you find the next post even more so :)

  8. Oh but to be the girl!

    A while back, I told a mate about this ring I saw and immediately fell in love with.It was a passing comment but he emailed me saying:'Show me' so I just sent the link not thinking much of it. But he ordered it online and got it shipped to me.

    The feeling is amazing when you know you mean so much to someone.

  9. U are, aren't u...he did get it for u :)


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