Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rehaana - part 2 - the twilight

Rehaana - the beginning

"Aww, so sweet such an idyllic story" he could hear the mockery in her tone

"Sweet?" he said in a unbelieving voice "she finds puberty this year and takes a loving to chemistry that takes her to the city" Believe me the story turns out to be anything but sweet till the fifth chapter which is where it takes another turn.

"Fifth chapter...didn't you just start writing this? my name and thats how it became the story of Rehaana, isn't it..."

"ha ha ha, well i was actually writing a kiddy story about how the girl participates in a science exhibition and the challenges she faces...but then you made me conscious with that mocking tone so i thought and the story changed in my mind...i got a different picture with a little more than just the competition to it

ofcoure nothing as dangerous as vampires and werewolves eh?" he said looking at third part of twilight in her hand"

"Ofcourse not, they have a mystery to them, a thrill of danger, an impossibility about them that draws us to them"

"So tell me, have you ever seen a vampire or werewolf in real"

"Oh come on" she said in a condascending tone signifying that it was just a romantic concept, it was like asking if you had really seen superman!!!

"no no humor me, play along, believe me i have point to it"

"Ok, i don't know why i'm indulging you but here never met either a vampire or werewolf in real life"

"But for some reason you believe that a person who feasts on others blood, or turns into a wolf has a romantic conotation to them, the nice hearted person who turns into half evil by no choice of his, the pain they suffer, the charm they have and oh yes the mystique to them

Never for a moment does it occur to you that a vampire in a real life would probably be a ruthless thing that wants blood and is willing to cause pain for it; a rude, crude, blood thirsty vermin

Because if it did, then how will the author further write his book, only romantic notions can lead to chapter 2"

"Now you're just killing a very interesting book"

"ha ha ha...yeah i am, ain't i...bad of me especially since writing is my bread and butter...but think...the way i approached you, if this had been in real life, what are the chances of me being seated on this table now, coming up with a line you'd think wasnt corny, to you reacting to it in a welcoming way...would it really have happened?"

"eh, what do you mean...if this were in real life"

"well don't you thing the way we met, is so bookishly romantic, that we would have to be in a book for it to be true, not that it can't happen in real life, but its only an author who will make it sound so bloody hunky dory

so the thing is whether you'll believe the author notions of romantic or your own"

"so what you're saying is that we are in a book"


"that we are characters created by some author"


"so what kind of a story is this?"

"a happy one"

"how do you know"

"i don't know, but i believe in happy stories, not the fairy ones, not the easy ones, i don't believe in cinderellas with glass slippers, i believe in cute specy girls, with calf leather peep-toes in a book shop"

she giggled back..."but i'm not a happy story"

"i know, if you were, what role would my character play"


"so then what is your story"

"doesn't the author already know, after all he wrote me...didn't he"

"ha ha ha...yeah but the story has to still be told"

"but why would i tell it to you"

"that is a question, only you can answer, but probably for the same reason you let me sit down at this table in the first place"

"hmm, maybe...i don't feel like it now"

"sure thing, i'll also get going...but do take down my number"

"don't think so, i'm not gonna call, we'll see each other when we do"

"ha ha ha...the author making us meet, that was serendipity, not exchanging numbers, will be our idiocy"...he jotted down his number on the napkin and took her leave

*****to be continued...


  1. i cant make anything of it....prolly th'to be continued' will make more sense :D

  2. Can't wait for Part3!

  3. oooo.. nice! getting verrry interesting! :)

  4. i love the way you are fishing for comments :P
    and maybe you arent and it comes naturally with your ability to weave the magic web.
    but this is getting addictive!

  5. @All...third part up

    @Alice...i hope the third part helps

    @siras, archie, perplexed... thank u guys :)

    @Am Desi... :) i hope u get nicely drunk by the end of this

  6. omyoghs, that's so romantic!
    there's always something embarassingly coy about asking for someone's number. It has to be subtle but just with the right degree of persisitance.From personal experience, I've always had the male give me his number and leave the choice of texting/ringing first. It's an amazing degree of control you have in the situation to be the one who contacts first, I dunno- it's all just super interesting how long I decide to wait and let him suffer in impatience!

  7. Loving this! awwwwww it is already romantic and it is the 2nd part!!


  8. aaah...Serendipity... says it all :)


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