Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dev D

an abso-fucking-lutely brilliant movie...despite the fact that i saw a horrible downloaded print (long live piracy)...

the movie has so many parts to appreciate about...the way the pain is portrayed...the shots of the eyes...the blend of fotografy and music lending credibility to the expression...

the way the stories go about...the way the story has been modified to include contemporary issues...though ofcourse one or two cliches were there

what i like about the story is the underlying discussion about self destructive tendencies of the overly intelligent sort...what absence of trust...and ego can do to a one silly mistake can suddenly rip apart your its easy to judge someone...but really if u look at it...all the characters are innocent...they did what they did as they understood the world

and oh man the music...the music brings the whole story to life...the songs for a hindi film are not a movie pauser...but a flow enhancer

thesanelyinsane say....whacaccaacacaaaa....we want more


  1. now i might just watch the movie...

    btw, nicely 'insane' blog...good humour in the posts.

    thanks for dropping by in mine

  2. hats off to this bloody movie. though i felt it could have used a little more editig, would complement the otherwise taut style of the film. loved the ending. its great to see one can believe in happiness without compulsively making it fantastic. and yes, a very realistic turn to devdas' otherwise sentimentalist tragedy. and man, does the guy use the camera. i want to buy kashyap and put him on a shelf :)

    thanks by dropping by my blog, especially since i hardly write :)

  3. @mou thanks

    @nymph...yeah u write too less...shud write ure stuff

  4. I too was mesmerised by Dev D. really bold & must be appreciated

  5. i want to se this movie now..

  6. Never heard of this movie. Not a big fan of happiness and all that jazz. Might watch it for the sake of educating myself though. You make it sound interesting.

    ryn: I'm sooo not all that rich, I just don't like to spend so I save lol. I'll have enough for part time classes at my community college next semester *sarcastic smile* yay scholarships. I'm richer than I've ever been before, but compared to people who are actually rich-rich, I'm lower middle class if not lower lol

  7. @HARDWAX...yes they are..god bless them for that it from the net..if no other option exists

    @S Lor...u should educate education i got was from movies

  8. Seriously, Anurag Kashyap is the man! Gulaal's soundtrack is brilliant!

    I think I've used enough exclamation marks for one comment. :)


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