Monday, March 16, 2009

Job Available

in these times of recession aren't those like the two best words only topped by the other two words 'you're hired'...gone are the days when three worded phrases meant all in life...

this is the age of career people and workaholics...

and that is exactly what we are looking for...


a 'hot momma' for a 26 year old mama's boy...pampered since birth...fed breakfast in the morning...lunch packed for office...comes back from gym get freshly squeezed juice...weekend gets nice oil massage...u get the picture.

The original mama has done enough for the young 'laadla' and now its time for the baton to be passed on to a young, energetic woman...who is foucssed about her career and won't leave a stone unturned to pamper the chap in question...its a 24/7 into a lifetime job and we are looking for dedicated workaholics...

This is hard work and hard work calls for top notch compensation...for all your pampering and care...we promise you these times of devaluing currency the only currency that still holds good (equivalent to cash in hand)...and to pamper you more than you pamper us (equivalent to CTC...hope u know what this means :P )...and to treat you like a princess...

plus to keep you engaged and provide you variety (and some oopar ki kamaee) can also work in the industry of your choice...

When i was born my mama said...I'll love you so much that no woman will ever be good enough for you

(ok my mom didn't say that...i borrowed that line from friends, when monica gets her adopted baby)

So 'Do you Have it in You...

... to be the Hot Momma'

(Inspired by Anu Malik...i've been taking inspiration from other people's this case the Indian Army)

p.s. for the feminists who are about to blow their lid off...this post is only in good humor, we appreciate women in the boardroom, other than bringing some smart wit, hardwork and a different perspective, they also bring some life to the dreary place.

It is inspired from a friend who is actually a 'workaholic' and a highly succesfull career woman...i just wanted to see how we could take the word and twist it around in another context...

as a personal opinion...i always believe in a balance between the home and work place...a full dedication to both the work and the family...and like everyone else...i'm striving to reach that golden balance


  1. hahaha....
    now that is more like a job for me, but the thing is if i would only find any flaws with the employer i am enrolled with for the moment.

    sigh, the exemplary woman that i am i think my current employer feeds me enough for all teh right reasons for me not to call quits ever and please dont note the 'flatter', i guess we all have a right too, esp when you have the right back up!
    hehe. cool post!

  2. @Che...all want one??? no no dear chap we can share food, we can share wine...but in this matter...u get ure own and i get my own :P

    @American Desi...yes yes u stick to ure current job...hard as it is to find good in these times of recession there must be some looking for a job switch or looking for a job period...let them also find a good employer (dekho toh khudi meeyaan mithoo :P )...but then i'm confidant about my foot massages as i'm confidant about my cooking

  3. Women many a times have to seek a harmonious balance & can sometimes do tougher tasks much easily

    Btw women are less bothered by current downturn......atleast my observation


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