Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rehaana - part 10 - the fort falls

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The next morning when he got back from his jog there was a surprise waiting for him. She was there sitting at table sipping her black coffee. There was a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, an omlette and toasted bread waiting for him.

"I thought you weren't a morning person"

"I'm not" she said with a twinkling smile

"The omlette's nice, just the way i like it, juicy but yet nicely cooked and firm, not too spicey but not bland either, just the right touch, you've got magic in your hands"

She kept the paper down, held her hands out, turned and twisted them, like one would adore a piece of jewellery...."really...magic...really" she said teasingly

He chuckled "yeah magic"

She smiled, it was his unashamed admiration of her that got her, it was something that made her conscious of herself and yet at the same time it left a glowing feeling within her. Was this real she wondered. He saw her as her expression turned from smile to spaced out. He could understand the her anguish. He could understand why she felt afraid of being happy. He wanted to hold her and tell her that he was there, he would protect her, he would take care of her, but he couldn't not just yet. Right now all he could do was eat his omlette, smile and hide his pain inside.

She didn't text that night. That night both the Rehaanas were playing with themselves. One just starting to learn about her body another starting to remember how her body could feel.

The next morning as he was going for his jog he found her door ajar. This was majorly out of the ordinary. Never, never had he seen her door open. He wasn't sure what he should do, but as if driven by a force calling him in his hand got a grip on the round door knob and he opened into fairy world. It was a pretty room. There was a book stand towards the right, a whole wall was a shoe rack, but it wasn't an ordinary shoe rack. It was as if the shoe rack had been designed for a shop showroom. There were different angles and places cut out into the shoe wall so to say and each shoe had a small light highlighting it.She evidently really really loved her shoes.

The ceiling had been painted as a night sky, the curtains were white with doves watermarked into them and amdist all this she lay, his little fairy on her huge double bed. He moved closer to her bed, he wanted to see her sleep. Her face was uncovered. She looked so pretty, calmyly sleeping, like a baby. Her specs lay on the book she had been reading the night before.

She blinked his eyes at him then she turned the other side and continued sleeping. He still stood there, just looking at her. She turned back again in a few moments, again blinked her eyes. "Kiss me"

It was his turn to be caught of guard. But he was quick with comebacks. Surprised, unsure he moved towards her.

"Noooooo" she said like a baby, raised her foot and said "kisssy"

He smiled, huge smile, the kind of smile you give when your baby calls you papa for the first time. He held her foot gently in his hand and kissed the top surface, then he kissed the big toe and each of the small toes. Her sleepy eyes closed and her face lit up in a smile. She pulled up the covers onto her face. He spent quite a few minutes kissing her foot softly, deeply and then slowly kept it down and made his exit.

He left for the day, she got up lazily that day. Today she was smiling and somehow she didn't feel herself going back into the spaced out mode. She could actually wonder about it. She felt free, a freedom to be happy. She enjoyed her shower, like a child she played under the shower's cold rain, she laughed, didn't know at what, but she laughed a lot.

Ofcourse the moment she hit office, all of that was zapped away. A strike at one of the vendors factories was holding up critical material delaying her entire order from getting ready. All their contracts were European and there if you didn't deliver the batch on time, you were royally screwed, both in terms of the current contract and in terms of the future business prospects. Suddenly as if everything she had built was hinging on today.

She called left right and center. Tried to see if she could help the strike get sorted out, find an alternative vendor at a short notice, anything. Help came at the end of the day from the least expected quarter. Her client called. "We heard that the carvers there down south are all on strike, just wanted you to know we have enough stock till next month. So don't worry, get the thing sorted out, you have a three week extension to the delivery date" She sank back into her chair, she didn't know if there was a god, but she just thanked out loud for whoever was looking out for her.

She reached home at 11 in the night. He opened the door and she fell into his arms and hugged him tight.

He hugged her back, he could feel all her stress and straing in her tiny body.

He had waited for the day he could hold her in his arms. And now that she was, a kind of fear set in for a moment. Its ok while you're flirting to show her the man you are, that she can trust in you. It is only when she does, that you feel the weight of the responsibility. Its only when you hold your little baby for the first time in your hands that a boy, becomes a man.

He pulled her in tight, engulfing her in his arms, his head on top of hers. She was his baby and he was going to take care of her. The fort had fallen, but a nagging feeling didn't seem to leave the back of his mind.


  1. 'It is only when she does, that you feel the weight of the responsibility.' - wow! what a thought.

    So, what's gonna happen now?

  2. @Still Thinking...u tell me what do you think whats gonna happen :)

  3. I like this! Just read the lot!!! :D

    Ab kya hoga??? :D

  4. Okay now I can'ttt wait for the rest!!

  5. Oh crap.
    It's happening.

    I still can't get myself to like her!

  6. hmm...

    but then u dont have to...u cant like every person around...they dont have to be bad...but they may work in a fundamentally diff way than u...and ure personality may not go with theirs

    its allright :)

  7. may i add that i m getting butterflies in my tummy now!
    great going so far!

  8. Beautiful. I want to sleep so peaceful too. Have not done that and had a big destressing hug in a really long time. Long for one now even more.


  9. Early to rise and out of my bed,I am so glad that to do that,I am by The Holy Spirit led.

  10. I don't know if I have words to describe what I am feeling at this time! but it is some kind of wonderful!!


  11. awee..this one was the best ,outta all the parts tht ive read so far.
    the super fancy show rack and the warm protective hug worked for me i guess. lol.


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