Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rehaana - part 8 - Buon giorno Principessa

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"I hope you remember your promise"


"Of being a gentleman"

"Oh that, any other obvious statements you'd like to make" taking a light offence at her remark

"Hopefully not, just as long as you remember this one" She said with a smile, she knew her smile would take away any of the

hundred smart assy remarks he could come up with. She was a girl and she knew her powers.

It was a cosy room, a big cozy room, with its own LCD TV...gosh the rich had it nice he thought. They said their good nights.
Of course it would be too much to assume either of them slept, funnily though out of the ten movies playing on tv both ended

up watching 'about a boy', albeit in their own rooms.

Half an hour into the movie, he got an sms, "You awake? am watching this movie, 'About a Boy' on HBO"

"So am I, man now if only my pop had written a jingle"

"Imagine, getting up when you feel like, doing what you feel like, every day would be a new day"

"Yeah, though you know right now what I wish for"


"Roasted Peanuts"

"Hmm...ok then say 'fairy princess, grant me a wish, fix me a snack, let there be roasted peanuts"

He smiled

"Buon giorno, Principessa! make my wish come true...let me have..." his fingers paused, he almost wrote something, "roasted


"The right side closet is a mini bar with a snack shelf, help yourself"

He could see her smile as she would have texted that message

they texted much into the night, lord only know who fell asleep first, but both had half written texts on their cells when

their lights went out.

His alarm went off at 5:30, Sunday. While he went for a jog every day of the week, Sunday's were different. On Sunday's there

were no deadlines. Sunday the jog was was more leasurly, he could soak in life and sunshine.

He passed by her bedroom. He slowed down and felt the door....smiled. He made his way to the kitchen, made her some He left it at the newspaper table outside her door, covered in a tea-cozy.

He jogged easy that day, thinking about the previous night and smiling. The cup was still there when he came back...the door

was still closed. He took the cup back, emptied it into the sink, washed the cup and kept it back.

She woke up at 11, a lazy Sunday morning. She took the morning paper and sat down on the dining table. She smelt something

that made her realize that she was hungry, really hungry. It was something roasting, it was something rich, it was something


He came out, tousled sweaty hair, red face, shorts, tee and apron. He had a plate in his hand. He set it in front of her.

Toast with thin layer of fresh cream, thinly sliced strawberry and strawberry crush.

She smiled, it was a wondeful Sunday morning.


  1. What a nice man to bend backwards to bring her coffee almost to bed ,and to then turn around and make her breakfast which indeed pleased her as he served her a fantastic combianation which is strawberries and cream.

  2. I seriously think I'm missing something here. I should spend some time and read all the points or just start a new one na?

    How come everything is so sweet here? Maybe I'm too jaded to appreciate ;)

    I need a coffee...

  3. * I meant read all the parts

    Gawd! I hate these typos!

  4. I hate to say this but I'm not liking the girl protagonist anymore, she seems a little controlling and only willing to get things HER way.
    True, she gave him a roof to live under but then expects him to behave with her flirtatious texting and coy smiles.Hmm.
    I think the way the story's being written is brilliant, almost Russian doll effect of a story within another.

  5. @rock Steady....isn't he now :)

    @Still is after all a happy story :)

    @Hfm...she is a little bit controlling...who knows maybe he's the kind of guy who enjoys this flirtatious texting...

    btw i'm fiercely protective of both my Rehaanas :)

  6. Most authors are quite attached to their characters, but a little critique never hurt anybody!

  7. Achcha phir abhi aage aage dekho hota hai kya :)

  8. i so wanna have this guy. where do i find him :P

  9. She smiled, it was a wondeful Sunday morning.

    perfect ending!! coool.... keep blogging!!

  10. wonderfully crafted:)
    'About a boy', roasted peanuts...strawberries!
    How is that for a nirvana? :)
    I agree with Parv,the ending is very well done!

  11. @Am Desi....dhoondo dhoondo....dhoondne se toh khuda bhi mil jaata hai... :P

    @Parv, thanks dude

    @Calvy...tu abhi college mein hai...isiliye peanuts mein hi niravan mil gaya :P

  12. He is so sweet! and well Glad he is your character because I would have to hop a plane to find him! lol

    On to 9!!!

  13. this guy is tryin to be good!


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