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Rehaana - part 11 - The conversation

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that night they both watched a movie together, not that she let him watch the movie. it was like she had suddenly turned into a first grader, a chatterbox first grader, yap yap yap she went and he listened to her, filling in a few words where she paused for breath. She thought she had the whole night to keep yapping, she was used to sleeping late. That night though was different, she had found the perfect pillow, his shoulder, she didn't even know when she fell asleep.

But he lay awake, her head on his chest, his left arm wrapping around her, holding her close as she lay deep asleep

"Whatz going on?"

"What do you mean, whatz going on" the author asked

"You know what I mean"

"You'd be surprised at how much I don't know"

"We are people you know, not just your characters"

"Now you are really beating about the bush, you wanna say something say it"

"You have been making this way too sweet"


"Don't eh me. The run in at the succesful run in at the coffee shop, the phone calls, calling me over to her place,you just made everything so sweet"

"Did I"

"Didn't real life thousand things could happen, you really think that if this were real life, she would've let me give her a foot rub so easily?, but she did, she did cause you wrote it this way"

"Hmm, me or her? is a question you'll always keep wondering about. When you got the coffee mixture wrong, she left you a note. She let you know she liked what you were doing and how you could do it better to make her smile. She could have as well shouted out at you that if you didn't know how to make coffee why make an ass out of yourself when she hadn't even asked for it"

"And then the getting up in the morning to cook me breakfast, when she hates early mornings"

"So now you have a patent on making sacrifices or doing things for the people you care for...she's not permitted to do things that she knows will make you smile?"

"You can't dodge me, i'm onto you, you're making everything sound so easy and romantic, like in a book, like everything in life works out so easy"

"Easy? dude, she's had a bad scarring event, she's married and even though she's now resting in your arms carelessly, she's still afraid of being happy, if you think I've made things easy then I'd say you're just showing off"

"Are you saying you haven't made this bookishly romantic, stuff that would make people go 'awww how sweet' "

"Are you saying that it is not possible for people to make things bookishly romantic in their lives, that they have to end up messing it up"

"Dude, its so hard for me at times to know what i want or expect, kind of dicey thinking somebody will always know what i want, be able to understand and appreciate it and on top of that i be able to do that back...everytime....romance and love are not picture perfect, if life were so, they would be so.

I quote from the movie bruce almighty

God: Parting your soup is not a miracle Bruce, it's a magic trick. A single mom who's working two jobs, and still finds time to take her son to soccer practice, that's a miracle. A teenager who says "no" to drugs and "yes" to an education, that's a miracle. People want me to do everything for them. What they don't realize is *they* have the power. You want to see a miracle, son? Be the miracle.

Same for love i'd say"


"what hmm?"






  1. Whoa! Me? Complete this beautiful story? A a a a a a a a

  2. abhi toh tussi poori book likhne waale si...

  3. Itna bav kyun kha raha hain, ab likh bhi de na?!

  4. thoda humor me also...aap logon ke liye hi likhtaa hoon...kabhi meri bhi baat maan lo...

    likho likho...i wanna read :)

  5. Yeh kya ho gaya? How is the comment page of the previous one?

    I totally agree with the guy. The story is too sweet, too perfect. I know I'm too cynical ;)

  6. It is so sweet! Why would it be too sweet? She really likes him but she has one hinderence to the relationship... Someone that is still at home waiting on her also right? The husband Gosh I need to go back and read from the beginning and I will be back to this one! lol I love Series..

    Okay off to read from the beginning...

  7. I got it all now!!! And right now I have to say that I am NOT happy with the hubby that just went off to The states and left her there by her lonesome! expecting her to like be alone... bury herself in HIS family business? I am addicted now! lol and I am going to be following you! AND adding you to my blog roll so that I can get updates! lol

    I read all the parts!!!

  8. Ne I read your comments...its 8:09 a.m , am at the Leela, the big conference begins at 9 am...but you already made my day :)

  9. @Still Thinking...i edited it na...changed the text...u lazy bum (i'm sure pretty and sweet but still lazy)...don't write...then i only had to na

    don't be cynical...u missed the authors point to...that despite all the shit that falleth thru the is our way of reacting to things that end up deciding whether we are happy or next time a guy asks his maid to cook 'beetroot ki sabji' and it turns out looking like bloody curry...don't scream at him...laugh...chuck the curry make maggi

    (I had the door slammed into my face and wasn't spoken to for three days!!!)

  10. I like the new turn. Makes it real and interesting.


  11. :D

    there is something insanely comforting about sane people. keep visiting!

  12. Sanely insane, thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate the compliment!

  13. @LSL, doesn't it...though i think this story is overall very surreal the story also na :P pleasure, i hope you come back and read the story sometime

  14. shux how did i miss this.
    take me back to my days with him blush! blush!

  15. u have a problem wid happy endings ??!!!!! :x
    cmon !!! dump the cynicism n give us a fairytale !!!! :)

  16. cant comment on this one...i miss sleeping on someone's shoulder like that :)


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