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Rehaana - part 12 - her fear

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The next morning she woke up early, he was fast asleep. She sat up and looked at him sleep. She fixed herself some coffe and came back, she sat next to him on the chair and saw him sleep. There was something about watching him sleep that brought her a calm. She didn't realize that she did like mornings.

He half opened an eye and saw her sitting next to him. He held out his hand to her, she kept her coffee on the side table and held out her hand to him. He pulled her in and she sat on top of his torso, legs on either side. He held her by the waist.

"There are some days, you open your eyes and realize you are in heaven, this is one of those"

She smiled at him,bent down and gave a slow lingering kiss. "I don't wanna go to work today" she said

"Then don't, neither will I"

"I have to, loads to be done"

He looked at her sitting there on top, and realized she was very beautiful, not that he hadn't noticed this before, but this was a different look, a different kind of appreciation, a different kind of thirst

He flipped her over and now he was on top. She looked at him, her breath getting deep in expectation

Through her nightgown he could see her nipples stand and he bit down on the right one

"Aaah" she went and pushed him back "First you get frisky in the morning and then u bite down so hard, no kissing,no cuddling, violent you are"

"All those phone calls you didn't make, all the time when you were to busy to talk to me, you think you were gonna go unpunished" He had her arms pinned to the side "You still think you need to go to work today?"

"Sometimes i feel scared of you, you push me beyond comfort and worse I can't seem to resist it or hold back"

"I like to smell your fear, you are my prey..."

"So are you gonna only be talking talking talking, then i might as well go to office only na"

He grinned at her and dove back in. For two hours what went in there is difficult for me to tell, who was kissing whom, who was biting whom, how did the pillow fight start, how they ended up in the shower. The thing is she didn't end up going to office. Heck they were so tired that they had fallen asleep again and woke up at noon hungry like ravenous vultures.

They ate bread and cheese spread, watched tv and slept again. In the evening they went jogging together. Later she took him for something special, very few people had been invited for this particular acitvity. This she mostly did alone, didn't even take her gal pals along, but he was special, she wanted him along. She had for the past few years been afraid of wanting openly, but now they were all coming back, she was learning to feel what it was to want again. She took him shoe shopping.

They went shop to shop. He didn't let any of the shop boys get near her feet, he didn't let her get near her feet. She rejected 20 pairs, he 40. Finally after three hours of trying on pairs they had gotten her a purple velvet cover kitten heel peep toe pump, a strappy sandal with a wedge heel and a very kinky looking black peep toe pump with metal studs and on the sides and a steel heel. "Don't you want anything" she asked

"Are you crazy" he said "I hate shopping for myself, the only thing I like to shop for are toys, electricals and food"

She gave him a peck on the cheek. "What did you like the most in the last three hours that we shopped"

"Your smile" he said "and yeah that baby who was playing with the shop salesmen, cute lil bugger"

laughing , hugging they got back. The phone was ringing as they opened the door. Whoever calls on landline these days! She spoke on the phone.

"His parents are coming back day after"

"Oh ok" [silence] "cool then, before you go senti again what movie are we watching tonight?" But he knew he had lost her, the smile had gone, how he wished she would give this part of herself up and trust in him to make things ok.

That night after dinner she went back to her room, the door was again closed.


  1. The had fun! I know the power that shoes has over a woman and for her to take a man, yeah she is falling in love!! heheehehe

    What could have been such a special night turned to black due to a silly phone call! SIGH!! Now she is back to the old her but for how long??

    Can't wait for the next part!


  2. I would still not take my man shopping for shoes. I am surprised at how much you know about Ladies' footwear.

    I feel bad for her. I wish they could be like this for a long time.


  3. Aww, why'd they have to come back!!!!!

  4. How do you know so much about women's shoes?!

  5. @LSL and Sirop

    You know like guys who follow football, they know everything about it, the teams, the players, the jerseys, the techniques, the trivia...

    I follow women, they are the most amazingly beautiful and complex thing god has made, hence i try and know as much about them as i can...

    i like football also btw...but only in terms of playing, its tuff to make me sit down and watch 22 other ppl playing while i sit and do nothing...though i prefer tennis..more my kinda game..

    @Siras, you think in real life they wouldnt have? :P

  6. Why is she wearing 4 inch heels. They HURT. Women avoid such shoes at work... they do... but they always love foot rubs.

    Yes read all of them. :)

  7. @Sirop guess coz it makes her feel sexy and she wears them for tuff days at office when she absolutely has to come off as fabulous

    if they didn't men would lose one way of getting close to their hearts :)

    now it is things like this that makes me feel that it has been worth penning it down :) :) :)

  8. @Sirop btw how was the contireau?

  9. Nice, nice, NICE!

  10. Well, yea. But I can hope that they wouldn't maybe a wonderful miracle would happen and they would disappear from her life,k without anything bad happening or anything, just disappear.
    Yeah, wishful thinking. :P

  11. @ki... :)

    @siras...don't worry...we'll make it a happy story yet :)

    but tussi mereko dasso...watz troubling u...bolo bolo

  12. Ahem, you know what knowing about women footwear is all about? Hmmm... :p

    So now the story isn't PG 13 anymore! I'm glad.

  13. do u kno wat 'conventional wisdom' is...its an oxymoron ;)

    oh i'm sorry to dissappoint u...this story is back to pg 13...but wait till this gets over...the next two will ahem...delite u :P

  14. Is that a new 'term' used by ppl in 'denial'? :p
    Oh, I'm so looking forward to delightful things, i need some spice you see! ;)

  15. ha ha i even remotely look like someone who would be in denial... :P

    oh hmm...guess u need to check ure mail box then ;)

  16. Gosh, I love the intimate detail about the shoes.
    I once took a male friend shoe shopping, he made me try on nearly every shoe- he found it fascinating how different they look on the shelf to someone's feet.
    Amazing stuff!

  17. Why do you say something's bothering me?

  18. cool then, before you go senti again?

    you are such a senti!
    tsk tsk :P

  19. @hfm...glad to know there are more than one of us :P

    @siras...ure letter to god part 2....thats why and coz u disappeard for a while

    @Am desi...truly am :)

  20. Ah well. Life, that's what's bothering me. :) I'm kind of quite sick of it at the moment. :) If I started telling you ALL the things we'd be here for 8-9 hours at least :P

    But, I'll get over it. We all go through this phase I guess. :)

  21. "Sometimes i feel scared of you, you push me beyond comfort and worse I can't seem to resist it or hold back"
    thts the perfect insight into a girls psychology...
    too b'ful for words i must say.
    tht line can give daniel steel n barbara taylor a run for thr money anytime !! :P


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